Sunday, March 23, 2008

100 Things I'd Do If Money Was No Object

I come up with ideas all the time that end in "if I just had the time and money to do it". Really though, if money was no object I could hire the right people to make many things happen, so it comes down to money as the key issue. I'll be working through this as a work in progress until I end up with a hundred of them, but here's what I have so far:

  1. Create a series of books, workshops, and tools to help people enjoy their lives more.
  2. Start scholarships and grants for people who aspire to take their passions and run with them
  3. Run a marathon
  4. Tour the world blogging my experiences through my words, photographs, sketches, and scans of documents I find along the way
  5. Find foster or adoptive homes for children that need them
  6. Build a human scale, functioning house out of Lego
  7. Buy a cabin near Manzanita, Oregon and a house in the borders of Scotland and travel between those and my home in Arizona as I please
  8. Learn to play a musical instrument and join a local band
  9. Take volunteerism vacations at least once a year, going to a new place and spending some of the time relaxing but also spending some time giving to that community with my time and resources
  10. Create and manage a Life Hacking club in my community
  11. Hire a chef and make it a lot easier to eat healthy/organic
  12. Set up a leadership development program independent of any corporation that would take a set number of aspiring college graduates or individuals, train them for one year on how to be a leader in any organization, regardless of title or position, and then turn them loose on the world of business
  13. Create an after school program for teens/young adults to teach them about money, leadership, community - give them a sense of power through doing good works and being smart about using their resources (time, money, etc.)
  14. Unlimited supply of blueberry coffee
  15. Start a television news program that provides encouragement, hope, and ways to better your life (instead of what politicians and celebrities have been doing or saying)
  16. Do a weekly pod-cast interview of a family with a loved one in Iraq/at war
  17. Find places without access to local farmers' markets, and help get them going
  18. Go around the United States interviewing educators, parents, kids, administrators, politicians, and build a documentary about how we might go about improving public education in America
  19. Play Scrabble professionally
  20. Pay for anyone's college education if they'll spend twenty hours a week working at a charitable organization/endeavor of their choice while finishing their degree
  21. Open a restaurant haphazardly and have Gordon Ramsey come fix it for me
  22. Open a CD recycling center in every major city in America
  23. Visit every museum in the world
  24. Attend business seminars I'm interested in whenever and wherever they may be
  25. I would tip with large bills and write a note to each server telling them what I appreciated about their service
  26. Buy copies of my favorite personal development books and give them to friends or acquaintances as opportunities/occasions present themselves
  27. iPhone
  28. Create a device that allows parents to limit the amount of time a video game system will function each day (so that whatever anyone without, say, the remote control AND password does, it won't come back on for a set period of time)
  29. Create a powerful lobbying firm in Washington to lobby for severely regulating the power of lobbyists :)
  30. Create an artist's studio to produce the graphic novels I have floating around in my head - eventually open an amusement park based on the creations (or at least a casino in Vegas)
  31. Start a grant for people who want to create bizarre roadside attractions in the middle of nowhere for people to stop and see on their way to other places
  32. Make The Winter Festival of Pie a national past-time
  33. Build a robot to fetch me coffee and cereal in the morning and make sure my fuzzy bear slippers are heated up when I step into them in the evening
  34. Hire the best craftsmen to design the interior and exterior of our house to our liking (and the homes in Oregon and Scotland too, of course)
  35. Start my own publishing company
  36. Hire personal chefs and trainers for everyone trying to lose weight sensibly
  37. Start a fast food chain that sells food that is both healthy and cheap

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